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Inscription - "Les Îles" scholarship
Applications for the "Les Îles" scholarship, that is adressed specifically to Masters and PhD students,  are accepted until Sunday, June the 9th, 2019 at midnight. An application will be considered as completed after the reception of the following five (5) parts:

1. The registration form to be completed online by clicking here. It is essential that all sections are properly completed. To accelerate the study of your demand, you are asked to calculate your grade point average.

IMPORTANT: The following four (4) elements must be forwarded by email, in a PDF format, to the address: bourses@madeli-aide.org

2. The description of the project
This document must contain the following elements:
  • Identification: name, surname, permanent code or number and level of scholarship requested (Masters or PhD).
  • a text describing the research project (maximum 5 pages), including:
    • the reasons for choosing that subject;
  • the objectives pursued;
    • the problem to be studied;
    • the methodology to be used;
    • the relevance to les Îles-de-la-Madeleine;
    • a timeline showing the various stages of completion;
    • a list of proposed actions
      • to promote post-secondary education
      • the diffusion of the study’s subject among the population of the Islands.
3. A letter from the project manager
The letter of recommendation must be transmitted by the project manager directly to the address bourses@madeli-aide.org.

4. The transcript of your university studies, including the results of the 2019 winter semester and 1st cycle studies.

5. Proof of registration for the 2019 winter session, if the transcript of your university studies does not include the winter 2019 semester.

Next steps:
  • Evaluation of all demands by the Scholarship Commitee: mid-June 2019.
  • Replies to all applicants: mid-July 2019.
  • Scholarship ceremony in Magdalen Islands: Monday August 5th2019.
  • Payment of scholarships:
    • first payment: in the fall of 2019, upon receipt of proof of enrollment in the 2019 fall session;
    • second payment: at the beginning of 2020, upon receipt of proof of enrollment in the 2020 winter session and of a progress report.

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Il n'est pas toujours facile pour les jeunes de partir des Îles pour se former dans les grands centres. Les quatre bourses que j'ai reçues de la Fondation m'ont permis de bien garnir mon cv et ainsi de me démarquer des autres étudiants à mon arrivée sur le marché du travail. Ces bourses ne sont pas seulement un soutien financier, c'est une bonne tape dans le dos qui nous incite à se dépasser pour faire rayonner les Madelinots.
Olivier Bourgeois, boursier 1999-2001-2003-2005, études collégiales en sciences de la nature, baccalauréat et de maîtrise en architecture.
Fondation Madeli-Aide pour l'éducation
C.P. 52028
Laval (Québec) H7P 5S1
Téléphone: 514 208-1212
Courriel: info@madeli-aide.org
No. enregistrement ARC:
889592135 RR0001

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